Frequently Asked Questions

General Access

  1. Marketplace

  2. Expense Management/General System Access

  3. Finance Approver Change Request

  4. HCM

  5. Tableau


  1. What are the type of purchases and requirements?

  2. When should I use a check request?

  3. How do I process a pre-payment?

  4. How do I process a wire transfer payment?

  5. How do I know which commodity code to use?

    Refer to the New Commodity Codes section of the Marketplace homepage.

  6. What are the requirements for Professional Service requisitions?

  7. How do I purchase digital and offset printing services like brochures, posters, etc.

  8. How do I purchase Rutgers-branded merchandise?


  1. What is considered Travel Status?

    Refer to Meals under Travel-Related Expenses.

  2. Can I submit receipts for meals while in travel status?

    Per diem meals rates should be submitted while in travel status. Refer to Meals under Travel-Related Expenses.

    Receipts can only be submitted for business meeting meals; refer to Business Meeting Meals under Meals.

  3. Are there any limits on number of guests/expenses for business meeting meals?

  4. Is my credit card receipt enough for business meeting meal reimbursement?

    Refer to Business Meeting Meals under Meals.

  5. Can I still submit an expense report for reimbursement if I have lost my receipt?

    You must request a duplicate receipt from the provider. If duplicate receipt is received, submit it along with proof of payment and Lost Receipt Form.

    Refer to Travel Forms.

  6. What do I need to do if I was unable to submit my expense report within 60 days?

    Submit a 60 Day letter addressed to the Director of Financial and Business Administration and signed by the Department's Director to your Business Office Accountant for approvals. The approved letter should be attached to the Expense Report.

    General format for 60-day letter should include: Traveler name; Reason for delay-"not enough time" is not an appropriate reason for delay.

Journal Entries

  1. Can you customize the Manage Journal screen?

    Yes, you can customize the Manage Journal screen by using the "Add Field" drop down, selecting the field you need and saving your search criteria. Some suggested search parameters are "Created By" and "Creation Date."

  2. How do you process an incoming wire transfer?


  1. What is a late cost transfer?

    A cost transfer is "late" if it is processed more than 90 days after the initial General Ledger posting date of the original charge.

  2. What can be charged to Federal Multi-State projects?

  3. How do I process an incoming Wire Transfer?

  4. Where can I find the University's tax exempt letter?

    Refer to Tax Exempt Letters.