Systems Access

The main financial systems that you will need to access are:


  • A FACS Authorization Form (15k PDF) outlining WebFACS procedures must be signed and dated by the individual requesting access and the departmental chair or director. Return form to Donna Guadagno in the Business Office for processing.
  • ID numbers are then secured and sent to the individual for access into the system for their designated department.

RIAS Procurement Request Form

  • A NetID and agreement form for access must be completed before asking for RIAS procurement access.
  • A RIAS request (online) form is then submitted to Lucy Kwiecinski in the Business Office for approval; completion of form should include name, unit, address, email, phone number, org. ID and employee type. Indicate "new" access and Preparer. Hierarchy must include name: Rachele Sylvan, Email: and username: RSYLVAN
  • Any additional Organizational numbers or Budget Responsibility (BR) codes that you require will be identified by Lucy Kwiecinski in the Business Office. RIAS access will also give you the option to view the Discoverer report section.

HCM (Human Capital Management) Request Form

  • Attached please find the HCM Access Request Form (198k PDF) to be filled out by the requestor and signed by your Chair or Director. Simply follow the instructions on the form. Make sure that you send this form to Lucy Kwiecinski ( for processing.
  • Also attached for your convenience is a List of Role Descriptions (83k PDF) to help you identify the roles needed for your position.