Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What constitutes a Business Justification?
  2. What can I request a Travel Advance for?
  3. What are the rules and regulations concerning hiring professional services (formerly referred to as consultants)?
  4. How do I find details for the telephone charges that hit my account before VoIP was implemented?
  5. How do I get access to RIAS?
  6. How do I get access to FACS?
  7. What natural account should be used for equipment purchases?
  8. How do I establish a Petty Cash Fund? What are the restrictions for my petty cash fund?
  9. Where can I find more helpful hints on commitment accounting and self-service issues?
  10. How do I go about disposing of a vehicle?

Cash Transmittals

  1. Where can I find the cash transmittal template?
  2. How do I prepare a cash transmittal?
  3. What documentation should I include on the transmittal to help with processing?
  4. I entered my cash transmittal into FACS. When will I see the income on my fund source in FACS?
  5. How many copies of the cash transmittal should I keep in my department? How many copies of the cash transmittal does the business office need in order to process my cash transmittal?
  6. Do I send cash deposits to the business office?
  7. How should I process checks that are received in the form of a donation?
  8. What do I do if a check is not payable to Rutgers?

Check Requests

  1. How do I prepare a check request?
  2. When should I use a check request?
  3. Can I use a check request to wire transfer funds for payment to a vendor?
  4. What additional information is needed for a wire transfer request?
  5. Can I have a check drawn on foreign (non-U.S. Dollar) currency?

Commitment Accounting

  1. Why does my payroll continue to be charged to my default (suspense) account even after I have updated my charging instructions in the employee charging instructions module?
  2. How can I create new charging instructions for personnel in my department?
  3. Can I go back to a prior pay cycle and change the charging instructions for an individual?
  4. How do I remove an employee record that was created in error?
  5. How soon will my charging instructions go into effect after I have created them?
  6. What report would list my department's default account?
  7. How do I prepare a SWRJ?
  8. How can I remove bonus pay from a fund source?
  9. How do I calculate my salary reallocation?


  1. How do I correct an unmatched actual that references a prior year purchase order that is closed?

Fund Sources

  1. What are the different types of fund groups?
  2. What is included in a fund source string?
  3. Why is department activity 1 (project) important to include in a fund source string?
  4. My department just received a new grant/fund source. How do I obtain a project number?
  5. How do I determine which natural account is appropriate for my type of expense/income?

Grants, Contracts, and Sundry Funds

  1. How can I spend on a grant before the paperwork is signed?
  2. When purchasing equipment, what natural account should be used?
  3. What natural accounts should be used when purchasing supplies?
  4. Can I use a foreign air carrier when booking travel?
  5. What is Cost Sharing and when does it need to be done?
  6. Can I transfer expenses onto a grant from other accounts?
  7. How do I transfer expenses to/from a grant when it has been more than 90 days past the grants end date?

Journal Entries

  1. Where can I locate the journal entry templates?
  2. How do I prepare a journal entry?
  3. What do I do if my template is not working/uploading correctly?
  4. Who will review and approve my journal entries?
  5. How do I edit a journal entry if it has been rejected?
  6. How do I modify or delete a journal entry?
  7. How do I prepare a Plant Fund Journal?
  8. What backup is required for a journal entry?

Procurement (Purchase Orders)

  1. What is the difference between each type of purchase order?
  2. How do I prepare a requisition and obtain a purchase order?
  3. What documentation should I generally provide with my requisition?
  4. How can I purchase the services of a consultant/contractor?
  5. Which natural account should I use to classify my product/service?
  6. How do I process a pre-payment?
  7. Who needs to review and approve a purchase order that requires signing a lease?
  8. How can I cater my department's event?
  9. How is an internal purchase order different than a regular purchase order?
  10. I want to purchase an item over $5,000 and use a specific vendor since they have the best expertise and/or are the most competitively priced. What do I need to do?
  11. Are there any goods and services that are restricted and/or need special approvals?
  12. How do I cancel a purchase order or change the quantity ordered on a purchase order (i.e., COR)?
  13. How can I order products from

State and Federal Appropriations

  1. What can I charge to my multi-state (2-670xx) account?


  1. Where can I locate the TABER template?
  2. Can I purchase a product that my department urgently needs now and seek reimbursement on a TABER?
  3. What documentation do I need to provide if I am seeking per diem on my TABER?
  4. Can I still submit a TABER for reimbursement if I have lost my receipt and/or I only have a copy?
  5. How would I process a $500 TABER (non-travel related)? How do I get reimbursed for an out-of-pocket purchase over $500?
  6. What do I need to do if I was unable to submit my TABER within 60 days?
  7. What is an acceptable form for proof of payment?
  8. Are there any general guidelines that I can use when preparing a TABER?
  9. How do I submit a TABER for foreign travel with receipts in another language?
  10. I need to be reimbursed for an expense that includes my supervisor. Who approves this?
  11. Can a family member share a hotel room during a conference?
  12. What if my spouse stays in the same hotel room with me for a business trip, but the cost of a double room at my hotel is not the same as a single room?
  13. When can "change fees" for airline reservations be reimbursed?
  14. What is considered "Travel Status"?
  15. Is my credit card receipt sufficient for meal reimbursement?
  16. Where can I find information on moving/relocation for new employees?
  17. What natural account can be used for travel expenses?
  18. I am taking a business trip with a co-worker. We are sharing expenses including lodging and driving to the meeting location together. Is there any special handling necessary for reimbursement of my expenses?
  19. I am a faculty member and I have given permission to a student or to a group of students to attend a conference. In order to simplify the reimbursement process, what information can I give my students prior to taking the trip?
  20. If I am traveling to a meeting site straight from my home and it is at a different location than my office, how much mileage will I be reimbursed?
  21. What constitutes travel status when traveling in-state?
  22. What are examples of non-compliance on a TABER?
  23. I need to replace an expensive piece of equipment while on travel status (over $500.00). How do I get reimbursed for an out-of-pocket purchase over $500?


  1. Where do I go to register for training courses?
  2. How is effort certificate reporting technology training important at Rutgers?
  3. What type of training will be provided by the business office?
  4. What is the primary function of the business office?
  5. What are my (department) responsibilities?
  6. What are the universities responsibilities?

Travel Orders

  1. How do I obtain the Rutgers travel order form?
  2. Do I need to enter my travel order into FACS after entering it into the online travel order form?
  3. Which natural account should I use to classify my travel?
  4. What supporting documentation do I need to provide to the business office?
  5. Can I use a foreign air carrier when booking travel?