Rutgers University Business Purpose Required on Every Purchase or Reimbursement

All expenditures for any financial transaction at Rutgers University require a Rutgers University business reason, purpose or justification. This is a statement that shows the intent of the expenditures and how it relates to the funding source charged.

Examples of an appropriate business reason/purpose/justification:

  • Mileage for Passaic County Business Stakeholder Meeting where presence is required as Director of RCE.
  • Chemical lab supplies needed for research project 37123
  • Lab supplies for Dr. Doe's research in protein analysis
  • Lunch meeting with John Smith to discuss planning and message alignment for MARS visit. Lunch was the only available time all parties were able to meet.
  • Attending 4-H shooting sport camp to become trained to become the 4-H shooting sport coordinator responsible for the NJ 4-H statewide shooting sports program.

Examples of an inappropriate business reason/purpose/justification:

  • Mileage for meeting in Passaic County.
  • No explanation provided for a purchase order for a chemical.
  • Lunch meeting with supervisor.
  • Attended shooting sports camp.
  • Flowers for colleague's funeral.

Updated May 3, 2012