Overview of Report View

Report View is an online financial report display mechanism created by the IT department at FAS (now SAS). Instead of the University printing reports and mailing them, Report View displays those reports on the screen and gives you the ability to print all or part of any report yourself.

With the introduction of RIAS Phase II and Discoverer, the only report that is still being sent to Report View is the Telephone report, which displays the actual land line bill. However, if you are interested in previous years' reports, Report View has the following reports available from March 2004 through June 2008:

  • Monthly Account Report
  • Grant Budget Report
  • Cell Phone Report
  • Telephone Report
  • Payroll Distribution
  • Salary Savings Report

You must have access to FACS in order to get access to Report View. For more information, please contact Donna Guadagno at 848-932-3770.