Instructions for Report View

Get Access:

Contact Donna Guadagno at She will send you the appropriate forms to fill out and have signed. You must also have access to FACS.

Create Shortcut on Your Desktop (first time only):

  1. Open your browser (IE) and go to
  2. Right click and select 'Create Shortcut'.

To Access Report View:

At the main screen, log into Report View using your NetID and related password. The next screen will display information about your username and a drill down box listing all of the available reports. Choose a report and click 'GO!'

Note: Our available reports are Monthly Account Report, Grant Account Report, Cell Phone Report, Telephone Report and, for those with payroll access, Payroll Distribution Report and Salary Savings Report. All reports are available from Early 2004 through June 2008. With the introduction of RIAS Phase II, the only report available from July 2008 to current is the Telephone Report.

By default, the next screen will list all accounts under your access rights sorted by BR code for the latest report. You can re-sort by account number, access another month and search by various fields. Please click on 'Help' at the bottom right of the screen for information on how the search functions work.

To view the report on your screen, press 'Screen View'. To print the report, press 'PDF View'. Make sure you use the printer button within the Adobe screen, NOT your browser printer button.